Stadia Connect 2: Recap

Stadia Aug 23, 2019

Google just held its second Stadia Connect on the 19th of August and I have seen some really mixed reviews. People are all over the place. On Reddit (I know) you have people posting about how they are canceling their pre-order on Founders Edition, because "they only showed games". Or "50% of what they showed was games we already knew about". And last but not least, "none of these games fit my weird, but very specific, game requirements". Pitchforks are sharpened, and torches lit.

What has changed though? Other than learning about some new games, which was the whole purpose of the event, what did people expect? Did they expect a "one more thing" line from an event about just games? Did they expect a 60 minute video going into every last detail about how Stadia works? Anti-lag formules, and data center configuration.

Like most sane folks, I watched the video expecting a couple new games, and of course, a couple videos of already announced titles to keep them in people's minds. That is what we got. Nothing more. I'm fine with that, we still have ~3 months till soft launch.

So what did we see? They announce several new games actually.

Here is the 3 minute recap of the Stadia presentation:

Stadia Connect 2: 3 minute recap

Despite some Debbie Downers, I'm still all aboard the Stadia train. choo choo!

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