Stadia Connect # 2

Stadia Aug 06, 2019

So @ 11:00 AM · Aug 6, 2019 Google Stadia announced the second Stadia Connect.

Google Stadia announces Stadia Connect August 19th.

No doubt that several games that have yet to be announced for Stadia will be at this event. I really hope to see Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and maybe a Super MMO of some kind. I think back to the days of Star Wars Galaxies (launch day) and get all giddy thinking about what could be if things didn't have to be instanced, and everyone could go all out in a world FULL of stuff to do/see/explore.

I'm also hoping for some more footage of just how Stadia works. We got a quick look at it during the E3 event, but so more hands on footage would be amazing. I want to see some video of people playing it, and impressions of the package as a whole. Also, the controller, I want to know what people think of the controller. What does it feel like in the hand? I'm guessing Google would do enough research, and that we have enough examples of good and bad for them to have a large enough sample size to look at to get it right. But crazy things do happen.

I've also heard the word exclusive(s) thrown around the community when talking about the Stadia launch in November. That word is kinda the worst when it comes to gaming. Sure it's great if you have the platform that is getting them game, but everyone else is left out with no other way to play it without the upfront investment in the platform hardware. Now, this is at least one of the great things I see about Stadia, the fact that you have no up front hardware costs for the platform (I'm not going to count the Founders Edition in this). You could, in 2020, join the Stadia platform with no out of pocket cost. You could bring a controller from one of your more recent consoles, or keyboard and mouse from a PC, or play on a portable device like a laptop, or phone.

What are you most looking forward to? Let me know in the comments below.


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