Happy 2020

GeekLife Jan 03, 2020

It's a new year, and hopefully a new beginning. OMG that sounds lame. "But Tim what the hell are you talking about?".

This year I would like to really put some time into this site and make it something that people (ie. weird ones) might want to spend a few minutes a couple times a week looking at. In order to accomplish this humungus goal I will need to step up my game. Post more. Instead of bingeing a TV show that could wait, maybe I put a few minutes into writing out something into the the ether.

So here goes everything. See you around.

Tim LovesTech

I enjoy Tech, (mostly retro) gaming, and live music (Pearl Jam, moe., Phish and Dave Matthews). I love technology, not as much as you you'll see, but I still love technology, always and forever.