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FirstPost Aug 03, 2019
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This is my first post. The post to start the ball rolling. The post that if allowed to go unwritten, means that they ALL go unwritten. I find that unacceptable. Failure should not be, and cannot be, an option.

I will probably never be the next Marques Brownlee (YouTube / Twitter), OR Casey Neistat (YouTube / Twitter), OR Linus Sebastian (YouTube / LinusTechTips). I know that, and I'm ok with that. And if I never start this site that is 100% true (instead of just 99.9%). Sometimes you have to shoot for the moon.

If you never try, you'll never know.

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I will fix the site as I go, instead of waiting for the site to be 100% ready, as that has become a reason to not start anything at all. So expect change, breakage, and mystery around every post. I'll do my best to keep it all together and break as little as possible. No promises.

And so it begins...

Let me know how terrible this all is, or any nice things you may have to say, in the comments below.


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I enjoy Tech, (mostly retro) gaming, and live music (Pearl Jam, moe., Phish and Dave Matthews). I love technology, not as much as you you'll see, but I still love technology, always and forever.